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Additional AnnArt Originals

Additional AnnArt Originals

Venetian Blue and White 23in x 30in SOLD To Mer de Glace, France 26in x 32in $500

The Daily News 33in x 38in $850 The Catch 31in x 39in $300

Simply Savannah 30in x 33in $500 On The Way To The Swag 23in x 27in $250

On South Market, Asheville, NC 29in x 33in $250 Old Town Geneva, Switzerland 31in x 39in $600

Market Day in Issigeac, France30in x 33in SOLD Majestic Melbourne 38in x 36in $750

In The Barrio 32in x 32in NFS Fallen Giants 32in x 44in $500

Celti Memories of Mondrian 29in x 36in $350 Oh, To Be Back In Benac, France 34in x 43in $1500

Mountain Church 27in x 34in SOLD At Schloss Summersdoff, Bavaria 35in x 26in NFS

Wonky Weaverville, NC 29in x 37in $1400 Venetian Red 30in x 37in $600
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