Travelling the World by Watercolor

Ann Vasilik Art Show - North Carolina Arboretum, Asheville, NC
June 26, 2007 through October 31

1. Bonsai at the Arboretum
Patience is required to bring out the grace and form of this elegant plant.
11" x 22" - $600
2. Praying Mantis
Found this fellow in my rhododendron.
11" x 15" - $450

3. Golden Oldies
The stately sunflower is found in many places. France has fields of them harvested for their oil.
43" x 22 1/2" - $1,050
4. Late Afternoon in the Quilt Garden
This favorite spot is irresitable. The echo of the mountains' tradition of quilting is delightful. Year-long, the Quilt Garden is a palette of flowers and plants changing with the seasons.
18" x 24" - NFS

5. Keeping Cool in the Pool
I love the seasonal arrangements in these large bowl planters. This arrangement of Flap Jacks Kalanchoe with Carex in the Reflecting Pool was featured last fall.
21" x 18" - $850
6. The Garden Gate at the Arboretum
These graceful sculptures, designed by Joseph Miller and David Brewin greet the visitor to the Stream Garden.
19" x 20 1/2" - $950

7. Andorran Village
Tucked in a mountain pass between Spain and France, its smuggling history is behind it, the tiny country of Andorra now is a busy duty-free market place.
17" x 21" - $950
8. Boat Yard at St. Johns, Antiqua
Leaving St. Johns, the clutter of small boats along the harbor waterfront, delight the eye.
14' x 21" - NFS

9. To Market - To Market
In the Lech River Valley of Austria, the world feels fresh and new. A rustic life still exists for many country folk.
19" x 26" - $1,400
10. The Dolomites
The Alpe di Siusi, a preserved alpine area of Austria with the peaks of the Dolomite Mountains. This is "Sound of Music" country.
21" x 28" - $1,550

11. The Port at Nassau
These brialliantly colored buildings greet the visitor to the island.
14" x 24" - $1,050
12. Baobab Safari Camp 2
These canvas-walled tents didn't seem much protection from the lions and elephants that roamed at night in Chobe National Park, Botswana.
8" x 11" - $300

13. The Athabasca Glacier-Canadian Rockies
The grandeur is breathtaking.
21" x 28" - $1,000
14. Victoria Waterfront
The architecture of many of these buildings in Victoria, British Columbia is like our own in Asheville. The ones on the right look like the Biltmore House.
12 1/2" x 39" - $1,300

15. The Calligraphy Exercise
At the Childrens' Palace in Shanghai, grandmothers come to this after school program with their grandchildren who study music, dance, art and calligraphy.
15" x 21" - $950
16. The Great Wall of China
This enduring symbol of China snakes across the mountains for thousands of miles. It failed to keep out the barbarians and is visited by the thousands today.
18" x 28" - $1,650

17. The Forbidden City
The heavy smog of a warm day in Beijing brings an ethereal haze to the massive buildings and courtyards of this ancient palace city.
11" x 15" - $850
18. Along The Yangtze River
I managed to paint this from a moving boat taking us down-river to the 3 Gorges Dam, the worlds' largest construction project nearing completion. Thousands of people will be displaced from their homes due the rising waters.
9 1/2" x 131/2" - $400

19. Boats On The Yangtze River
On a stop along the river to visit the Temple of Ghosts, these boats begged to be painted.
19" x 27" - $1,350
20. Hong Kong Market
Only a few of these street markets remain. Space has been given over to high rise condos and expensive hotels.
17 1/2" x 21" - $1,350

21. Chinese Panda
At the Chongqing Zoo, his name is "Ya-Ya". These panda charm people of all ages. Cute to watch, but they can be vicious.
11" x 7 1/2" - $300
22. City of Prague
On a walk across the Vltava River from the main area of the city, up into the hillside area of the Little Quarter, new vistas appear at every turn. The church of St. Nicholas is in the foreground.
18 1/2" x 28 1/2" - $1,650

23. The Castle Quarter - Prague
The 1,000 year old Prague Castle overlooks the Vltava River and the bustling city of Prague.
17" x 21" - $1,300
24. English Flower Garden
Every proper English home has at least a small flower garden. The moist, cool weather makes everything thrive.
16" x 21" - $1,000

25. Walking The Dog
These old stone structures in the Cotswald create a wonderful study in texture and light.
18" x 21" - $1,100
26. The Garden Gate
Timbered cottages like these in the Cotswald, England, are seen frequently and often are 100's of years old.
14" x 19" - $950

27. English Landscape
The big sky and sliver of light made me paint this bucolic scene of the English countryside.
13" x 20" - $850
28. Lunch On The Terrace
We stayed at the tiny hotel on the right in the small hillside village of St. Cirq Lapopie on our way to visit the 40,000 year old cave paintings at Pech Merle.
11" x 15" - $800

29. Chateau de Biron
Near the city of Monpazier in the Dordogne Region of France, this centuries-old chateau and estate including a chapel is still in "working" condition.
21 1/2" x 28" - $1,500
30. The Flower Market
Flowers seem to be as much a necessity as bread in France. What a delightful touch they add to the cityscape in Semur-en-Auxois in the Burgundy Region.
21 1/2" x 13 1/2" - $1,250

31. French Country Gardens
The romance of France extends to its gardens as shown here on the Forges de Buffon Estate in the Burgundy Region
18" x 21" - $1,200
32. Market Day in Issigeac
I was in my glory painting the medieval towns, especially the markets.
15" x 13" - $500

33. Cyrano de Bergerac Square
A statue of the "long-nosed" Cyrano sits in this square in the city of Bergerac in the Dordogne Region of France. Had to paint this one fast as the shop keeper wanted me and my group away from his doorway!
18 1/2 " x 13" - $750
34. City of Bergerac
I eliminated a large parking lot on the bank of the Dordogne River to make a more pleasing composition.
13 1/2" x 16 1/2" - $750

35. Garden Shed
Even the common place is treated with style when it was built. This is in the small, picturesque hillside village of St. Cirq-Lapopie in the Dordogne Region of France.
!2" x 9" - $400
36. The Farm House
An old farm house was renovated into guest lodgings at the Petit Rousset country guest complex in the Perigord area of France. My painting group stayed here and this was the first painting demo for the class.
9" x 13" - $350

37. The Pigeonnier Tower
Squab or pigeon were a staple for meals and were raised in these special buildings. This one is at the Truffiere (truffle farm) de la Bergerie in Ste Foy de Longas in the Perigord, France.
9" x 9" - $250
38. The Chateau Beynac
This special technique, "Fractured Shapes", was perfect for this silhouetted chateau located along the Dordogne River and built during the 100 Years War between France and England.
13" x 18" - NFS

39. The Flower Balcony
What a wonderful way to survey the activities on the plaza below in the Bastide Town of Monpazier in the Dordogne, France.
16" x 21" - $1,200
40. The Medieval City of Semur-en-Auxois
This fairy tale scene had to be painted. The city is along the picturesque River Armangon in the Burgundy Region of France.
25" x 37" $2,600

41. On The Beach At Labadee
Reserved for the cruising tourists, this beach on Hispaniola-Haiti was clean and quiet.
18" x 23" - $1,200
42. Budapest
After an enjoyable, but busy morning sightseeing, I had a little time to paint this view of Buda across the River Danube from Pest. The scene highlights the historic castle district with the Gothic Matthias Church and the Fishermen's Bastion.
9 1/2" x 13 1/2" - $400

43. City Canyon in Budapest
I can't resist the deeply shadowed streets and intricate architecture for painting drama.
21 1/2"x 28" - NFS
44. Courtmacsherry Hotel
Irish charm abounds in our hotel with a view overlooking the waters of Caurimacsherry Bay in County Cork. This sunshine was a rare find in this rain-rich country.
20 1/2" x 21" - $1,200

45. In The Burren
A landscape of fractured rocks, exquisite plants and "cow pie"-like mountains; County Clare, Ireland.
14" x 19 1/2" - $900
46. The Cliffs Of Moher
The mist and fog obscuring the view refused to lift for hours then, as we were about to leave, this view of Ireland's rugged coastline revealed itself in all its majesty.
19" x 28" - $1,500

47. Irish Security
Many ruins remain in Ireland, perhaps from the time of the Potato Famine. The emerald greens of County Kerry.
14" x 20" - $500
48. Stone Chapel In Killarney
One can truly believe in Fairies and Leprechauns in the dark and mossy, deeply wooded places on the "Ring of Kerry".
15 1/2" x 18 1/2" - $950

49. The Bridge At Narni
Carot and Turner also painted these remains of a Roman bridge at Narni. This day was the only one without rain during my trip to Umbria, Italy.
21" x 28" - $1,500
50. Autumn Harvest-Chianti Grapes
The almost universal grape provides many wonderful tasting experiences around the world. The Chianti Region of Italy was no exception.
20" x 27" - NFS

51. Cathedral Square of Pisa
The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, the Baptistery and the Leaning Bell Tower. The human scale impressed me! The Tower is impressive, but the acoustics in the Baptistery were amazing.
20" x 23" - $1,450
52. The Hill Town of Scheggino
I remember this town in Umbria, Italy well. It rained until the last hour we were there. Then I scrambled to paint as quickly as possible.
29" x 21" - $1,700

53. Assisi In The Rain
How it rained that Saturday. But rain creates its own beauty and it did not deter us from our "pilgrimage" to the Cathedral and tomb of St. Francis.
18" x 23" - $1,300
54. The Walkway
Hewn out of stone, how enticing these passageways are to making new discoveries. In the Village of Todi, Umbria Region of Italy.
21" x 15" - $1,100

55. Ponte Vecchio
A view from the Uffizi Museum of this most famous and infamous bridge across the River Arno in Florence, Italy.
22" x 36" $2 - ,550
56. Sharing The Morning Gossip
With their morning chores done, it's time to visit. In the Town of Castellina, the Chianti area of Tuscany, Italy.
16" x 13" - $850

57. Piazza del Campo
Horse racing is still held twice a year in this famous square in Siena, Italy. The Palio Delle Contrade. But, most of the time, it's filled with tourists and townfolk out for a stroll, a meal or a glass of wine.
18" x 28" - $1,650
58. Jamaican Jamming #1
This is an ink sketch of musicians in Kingston, Jamaica playing a popular form of Caribbean music of 1964, the "Ska". I did these while on our honeymoon.
10" x 8" - $150

59. Jamaican Jamming #2
This is an ink sketch of musicians in Kingston, Jamaica playing a popular form of Caribbean music of 1964, the "Ska". I did these while on our honeymoon.
10" x 8" - $150
60. Jamaican Jamming #3
This is an ink sketch of musicians in Kingston, Jamaica playing a popular form of Caribbean music of 1964, the "Ska". I did these while on our honeymoon.
10" x 8" - $150

61. Jamaican Jamming #4
This is an ink sketch of musicians in Kingston, Jamaica playing a popular form of Caribbean music of 1964, the "Ska". I did these while on our honeymoon.
10" x 8" - $150
62. Jamaican Jamming #5
This is an ink sketch of musicians in Kingston, Jamaica playing a popular form of Caribbean music of 1964, the "Ska". I did these while on our honeymoon.
10" x 8" - $150

63. Dusk On Lake Hakone
A Torii Gate welcomes visitors to Lake Hakone in Hokane National Park, Japan. Torii means "a bird residence".
12" x 32" - $1,100
64. Penang�..On The River
I loved the way the dock "framed" the view to the river and the boat in for repairs. In Penang, Maylasia.
22" x 29" - $1,500

65. In The Barrio
This small village was just inland from Mazatlan on the west coast of Mexico. I love the warm light of Mexico! The warm weather, slow pace of life and good food could make me want to stay.
19" x 25" - NFS
66. Tarahumara Indian Woman and Baby
The Indians of the Copper Canyon mountains of Mexico live largely unchanged by modern life. This was near the town of Creel in Sinaloa, Mexico.
16" x 13 1/2" - $850

67. The Snake Charmer
A snake charmer plies his ancient trade just outside the entrance to the Casbah in Tangiers, Morocco.
16" x 21" - $1,200
68. Elephant Walk
This elephant had just waded across the Kwando River in the Caprivi Strip, Namibia, not more than 50 feet from our boat.
18" x 21" - $1,200

69. Manila Market, the Philippines
A rain storm came this day and I had to climb up on a table for cover until the sun came out again and, like the itsy - bitsy spider, I went back to work.
21" x 28" - NFS
70. Long Shadows
It was the end of the day and I was tired, hungry and cross but determined to do one more painting before leaving the fishing villages in southern Luzon, the Philippines. I loved the resulting painting. Lesson: "Just Do It".
21 1/2" x 28" - NFS

71. The Antique Shop At Vegan
Another painting in a Philippine town with tempting shopping opportunities. But, I resisted and came back with several favorite pieces.
16 1/2" x 23" - NFS
72. Nepa Huts
Scenes like this are common throughout the Provinces in the Philippines. They never failed to make me want to paint.
21" x 28"

73. Cafes On The Square #1
The Old Town Square in Warsaw, Poland on a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon brings out the visitors and the locals.
14" x 21" - $800
74. Cafes On The Square #2
The Old Town Square in Warsaw, Poland. I painted this on-site and finding a place to sit and spread out my gear to paint is always a problem in such a busy place!
9 1/2" x 13 1/2" - $400

75. Rooftops, Spires and Towers
The Old Town of Prague as seen from the rooftop of the Intercontinental Hotel. I was absolutely stunned by this view. There were dozens of views I wanted to paint.
13" x 54" - $1,750
76. A Sentinel At San Juan
A sentinel on SanJuan Bay, the San Felipe del Morro Castle provided a strong defense over many years for old San Juan, Puerto Rico.
14" x 21" - $900

77. Fishing Boats At Castries
In the sleepy village of Castries, St. Lucia, the Caribbean. I could do a whole show of just fishing boats!
12 1/2" x 21" - $850
78. Minding The Store
The outdoor market at Philipsburg, San Maarten, in the Caribbean. These ladies were camera shy. But, I really just wanted to photograph the fruit.
14" x 21" - $900

79. City Of The Lion
The lion is the symbol of Singapore. Shot late on a gray day, I spiced up the painting with a luminous yellow sky and reflections.
21" x 24" - NFS
80. Lake At Mikulas, Central Slovakia
We "flew" through Slovakia on a bus only stopping for lunch, but I glimpsed this lovely scene. The area is just south of the Tatra Mountains.
16" x 24 - $1,000

81. Mandela Gold
This variety of Bird-of-Paradise is named after Nelson Mandela of South Africa. This beautiful plant was at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens below Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. The Gardens were once the estate of Cecil John Rhodes, former prime minister of Southern Rhodesia prior to the country becoming South Africa.
21 1/2" x 18 1/2" - $1,000
82. On The Costa Del Sol
Looking out to the Mediterranean Sea at the town of Mijas, just west of Malaga, Spain. Probably, these were new buildings, but the beautiful light made it paintable.
9 1/2 x 13 - $300

83. San Sebastion
In the background , the Basilica of Santa Maria in Donostia-San Sebastion, Spain, on the Bay of Biscaye. I tried to borrow a chair from a caf� that was closed, but was roundly scolded and made to return it. All in Spanish.
13 1/2" x 9 1/2" - $350
84. Buddhist Monk
At the Palace grounds in Bangkok, Thailand. A perfect moment when all the compositional elements came together.
28 1/2 " x 21" - $1,600

85. Floating Market
On the klongs (canals) of Bangkok, Thailand. This scene hasn't changed for many years as the vendors sell their meals, fruits and vegetables.
21" x 29" - NFS
86. Giants Of The Bush
The Boabab tree is the national tree of Zimbabwe and some still in existence have been judged to be 2500 years old. The elephants although one of the largest animals of the African and Asian continents appear dwarfed by the tree, but can trace their lineage to prehistoric times. This scene is at the Hwange National Park in Zimbawe.
14 1/2" x 21" - $1,250