Original Watercolors

by Ann Vasilik

Ann Vasilik Original Watercolors

New Listings

Paintings are not matted or framed.
Shipped paintings are rolled and sent in a tube.
Shipping costs are $50.00. (includes heavy-duty tube, insurance and postage).
Paintings may be picked up from the studio. Call (828) 251-2997 for appointment.
Prices are 50% off original price.
Sales must include state sales tax.
Credit cards are not accepted. Checks or cash are accepted.
Pantheon Plaza
18" x 24" - $800 $400 SOLD

Across the plaza from the Pantheon in Italy, these old buildings and the mysterious alley were a compelling subject.

Crystal Morning in Annecy
14" x 21" - $100 $50 SOLD

The French town of Annecy had many charming views along the river Thiou.

Valley of the Dolls
19" x 23" - $200 $100 SOLD

Special shipping. This poor dolly was borrowed from a doll hospital where she was waiting for repairs.

In for Repairs
21" x 28" - $750 $370 SOLD

A view from the docks in Fort Myers Beach, Fla.

Lily Pad Party
21" x 28" - $600 $300 SOLD

These lily pads caught the morning light and my eye.

Land Locked
18" x 24" - $150 $75 SOLD

This old boat at Fort Worden, Washington state, sinks further into the sand with each visit.

Three red boats on the Ganges
18" x 24" - $400 $200

These boats take visitors on the Ganges to see the temples and the Hindu ceremonies.

Garden Gate
14" x 21" - $100 $50 SOLD

Charming passage ways through the rocks connect back streets together.

Dog Run at the Swag, Waynesville, NC
16" x 28" - $100 $50 SOLD

Special shipping. This beautiful retreat has every luxury in a rustic setting.

Nest at the Watering Hole
16" x 21" - $200 $100 SOLD

Our African safari took us into the savannah to a watering hole where this nest seemed to be in peril.

Night Time in Charlotte
21" x 29" - $200 $100

This Plein Air painting features the sky scrapers of Charlotte, NC.

15" x 27" - $175 $87 SOLD

This bizarre collections of doll heads, 'I ain't got no body', waits repair at the Ventura Doll Hospital.

In Annecy
17" x 21" - $200 $100 SOLD

Many cafes and shops in Annecy line the banks of the river Thiou, that runs through it.

Tea Pots, Ect. (Two pieces, sold separately)
12" x 31" - $100 $50

My collection of teapots and pitchers.

In the Tropics
14" x 21" - $150 $75 SOLD

Special shipping. Coconut and palm trees line the shores of this tropical island in the Philippines.

Grooming the Cock
14" x 21" - $100 $50 SOLD

Special shipping. A Filipino man attends to his fighting rooster.

14" x 21" - $100 $50 SOLD

Special shipping. A fresh study of some of the ingredients for this vegetable stew.

Late Lunch
18" x 25" - $250 $125 SOLD

A quintessential scene in Europe.

Winter of 74'
12" x 17" - $100 $50

Special shipping. Wood cut. The year my father died, this wagon in the snow seemed to represent my loss.

Melbourne, Australia
23" x 26" - $1200 $600

The old train station and church contrast sharply against the sky scrapers.

Forts on the Greek Isles (Two pieces, sold separately)
7" x 11" - $100 $50 SOLD

Special shipping. Small studies of the ancient forts.

Robert Lewis Stevenson House Window
22" x 28" - $100 $50

Silk Screen. The house window in Monterey, CA.

Dusk on Waikiki
15" x 23" - $150 $75 SOLD

Special shipping. A day of painting on the beach concluded with this painting of Diamond Head.